“Stay for just a few more minutes, please?”

She looked at me with a look only found in the eyes of a first love. Her eyes
glimmered. Wow. I have to stay, but I knew it wouldn’t be worth the wrath of my
parents.I shouldn’t have been there in the first place yet there I was, out past my
curfew 20 minutes away from my friend’s house, which is where my parents
thought I was.

“I have to go! I can’t keep ignoring my parents. I’ll see you tomorrow anyways.”

I swear that house was built with gaps in the wood purposely placed in my path out of the house, just so it would creak and moan as I snuck out.
It was a cool, spring night. It was the kind of night when the road shines because there is so much light in the air from the melting snow on the ground. It was still cool enough and I didn’t have any coat because I’m 17 and everything about me is invincible.

My truck included.

The S-10 was small and loud. It was a stick shift and my girlfriend lived on a hill; I could roll all the way down and start it at the bottom, allowing me to sneak away like a farm boy James Bond.
You could say, my full attention wasn’t on the road. You could also say I was tired and my reaction speed was incredibly slowed down. The reality was I just wasn’t looking for something to jump out and surprised me like it did. But of course
there had to be a deer playing chicken with me and my truck. What a dumb game;
there’s no winners.
I was irate. But as I picked up pieces of my truck on the road, I called my

“Hey, so I hit a deer.”
“Where at?”
“By Hawkeye.”
“God Dammit Jed.”
“I know.”
“Are you okay?”
“Yeah, I’m fine. The S-10 is pretty much totaled though.”
“Okay good. Be there in a few.”

As I was waiting, the cool air was now cold air and I started to realize the fact that I no longer have a vehicle, my parents probably don’t trust me anymore and I’m not actually invincible. I’m just a cold, love-stuck teenager in trouble with his parents, its funny how sobering trouble can be.

I all of a sudden missed the warmth of her bed along with her hair in my face from the awkward spooning takes place when watching a movie with a significant other in high school. I guess should have just stayed a few more minutes.

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Jobs fill your pocket. Adventures fill your soul.

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